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Mass Casualty Prevention

Understanding the Crisis


You heard what sounds like a shot. tick… tick… tick… Your mind assesses the noise, as if in denial. tick… tick…  Then you realize after hearing a second and third shot you spring into action. Your heart rate elevates immediately, your breathing becomes short, your dexterity becomes diminished, your mind becomes focussed on one goal as you fumble for a part that fits into the door barricade but it is missing and you are waisting time looking for it and you are getting frantic. tick… tick…tick….        Now you have to scramble to drag furniture against the door and it’s making alot of noise. . tick,.. tick…, tick. and then?

It is a chilling fact that in just the first half of this year, over 280 mass shooting incidents have already occurred in the United States. The escalating numbers are a stark reminder that our current approaches are not enough to prevent these tragic events. Despite efforts to train individuals, harden facilities, and promote mental health awareness, the frequency and severity of mass shootings continue to rise. We cannot afford to stand idly by while lives are lost and communities are shattered.

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Keeping You Safe: Revolutionizing Security with Barric-aid

Some folk don’t like the idea.

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Map of mass shootings as of June 2023 In the U.S.

The increasing frequency and devastating body count of mass killings in the United States have reached alarming levels, despite efforts in training, hardening facilities, and mental health awareness programs. It is a harsh reality that we can no longer ignore. These tragic events have become woven into the social fabric of our nation, affecting countless families. At our company, we are focused on turning the tide by providing instructional blogs, state-of-the-art threat assessments, and a revolutionary lock-down barricade device called “Barric-aid.” Our goal is to save lives through the information we produce, the products we sell, and our commitment to staying on top of new developments in security.

Our Mission: Saving Lives


At our company, we have made it our mission to keep you safe. We understand the urgency of the situation and are dedicated to making a difference. Our comprehensive approach addresses the multiple facets of security, empowering individuals and organizations to protect themselves and those around them.</p>

Empowering Through Information 


Knowledge is power, and we believe that by equipping individuals with the right information, we can enhance preparedness and prevent tragedy. Our instructional blogs provide valuable insights, practical tips, and expert guidance on a range of security topics. From identifying warning signs to implementing effective safety measures, our articles are designed to empower you to make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards security.

State-of-the-Art Threat Assessments


Understanding the specific threats that you may face is crucial in developing effective security strategies. Our state-of-the-art threat assessments provide comprehensive analyses of potential risks and vulnerabilities. By conducting thorough evaluations of your environment, we identify weaknesses and recommend targeted solutions to mitigate risks. Our expert team utilizes advanced techniques to ensure that your security measures are tailored to your unique needs.









Introducing Barric-aid: The Revolutionary Lock-down Device

In the event of a mass casualty incident, the safest course of action is generally agreed upon by experts as the “Run-Hide-Fight” approach as coined by the Houston Police Department. If it is safe to do so, running away from the danger is the first option, depending on several factors. However, it is important to acknowledge that making decisions under extreme stress, especially when you are responsible for others carries inherent risks. One must assess their physical ability to run in such a situation.           

Hiding and remaining quiet can be a viable solution, but it is crucial to ensure that the chosen hiding place provides adequate concealment and ballistic protection.

Utilizing a door reinforcement device like the Barric-aid, which can be instantly activated, allows individuals to seek shelter in a designated room securely. By following the training provided by your organization, you significantly increase your chances of surviving such a tragic and unwarranted act of evil.

In the face of an active threat, quick and effective response is paramount. From the point an active shooter enters a building, he/she/they can press a trigger once every 3 to 5 seconds. That’s why we have developed Barric-aid, a revolutionary lock-down barricade device that enhances your security measures. As one hears the first shot, a thought of unbelief or assessment of the noise occurs as your mind processes the noise. Then it hits you. You must then spring into action. Time is of the essence. Easy to install and use, Barric-aid provides an additional layer of protection, allowing you to secure rooms and create safe zones within your facility. With its innovative design and robust construction, Barric-aid empowers individuals to take immediate action, potentially saving lives during critical moments.

Take Action Now


To reduce the number of victims and deny access to those who would harm us, we urge you to visit our products page and explore the Barric-aid door enforcement device. Designed for schools, churches, hospitals, and businesses, Barric-aid is a game-changer in enhancing security. By filling out the form below, you can get pricing and detailed information specifically tailored to your group’s needs. Together, let’s create a safer environment and send a strong message that we will not tolerate violence.

Commitment to Innovation


The landscape of security is constantly evolving, and we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of new developments. Our team closely monitors advancements in security technologies, protocols, and best practices. By continually updating our knowledge and expertise, we ensure that we provide you with the most effective and cutting-edge solutions available. Your safety is our top priority, and we will not rest until we have explored every avenue to protect and empower you.

The increasing frequency and tragic consequences of mass killings demand a proactive and comprehensive approach to security. Our company is committed to keeping you safe through our instructional blogs, state-of-the-art threat assessments, and the revolutionary Barric-aid lock-down barricade device. We believe that by sharing valuable information, offering tailored security solutions, and embracing innovation, we can make a meaningful impact in preventing and mitigating the devastating effects of mass shootings. Together, let us work towards a safer future.

Stay Safe. Stay Informed. #Barricaid #SafetyFirst #SecuritySolutions

Industries We Serve

Our Life’s mission is to protect those who are unable to protect themselves.

  • Wowship Centers 
  • Education
  • Medical Facilities
  • Industrial/Manufactguring
  • Retail
  • Government and Corporate Offices   
  • Our Barric-aid door reinforcing device can be used wherever you have structurally sound solid wood or steel commercial doors and frames. 
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