Barric-aid for Solid Wood Doors


Exceptional defense against active shooters and violent intruders. Barric-aid fortifies your office, classroom, chruch, safe-room door, transforming them into secure strongholds.

Simple to install, easy to use. A trained child can use it.

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Secure Your Safety: Barric-aid—Unmatched Protection



Your Safety Might Hinge On It.

Barric-aid offers exceptional defense against active shooters and workplace intruders, ensuring your safety is prioritized. Experience the ease of use and reinforced design that amplifies its strength. Bid farewell to fear and welcome proactive protection.

Swift and impenetrable, Barric-aid fortifies various entry points, including office doors, classrooms, churches, safe rooms, and bathrooms. Schools, workplaces, and public areas can maximize the chances of survival for their occupants.

Effortlessly deploy Barric-aid to swiftly create secure zones. This crucial defense layer not only safeguards yourself but also protects others.

Count on the unwavering reliability of Barric-aid. It has undergone rigorous testing to meet the highest standards.

Reinforce the doors of classrooms, offices, safe rooms, and event spaces. Barric-aid is designed to work with both inward and outward-swinging doors, complying with NFTA codes. Its high-strength hardware securely anchors it to the door frame, providing maximum protection. Compatible with both left and right-hand opening doors.


Barric-aid comes complete with easy instructions,  (1) Door Plate, (1) Door Frame Plate, (1) Locking Handle, (3)1″ Wood Fasteners, (2) 2″ Wood Fastners (1) Spring and locking pin.


  1. Buys valuable time.
  2. Made in the USA.
  3.  Blend with the door’s aesthetics.
  4. Child friendly design.
  5. Easily operated in high-stress situations.
  6. Affordable pricing.
  7. Quickly halts intruder’s entry.


  1. Made of hardened steel for superior strength.
  2. Manufactured in the USA.
  3. Ready to paint,
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Designed to be placed at the bottom of the door, for optimum strength.
  6. Reasonably priced,.
  7. Designed by Security & Law Enforcement expert.
  8. Complete with mounting hardware

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions1.5 × 6 × 9 in
Barric-aid -Wood Door

To be mounted on wood door and frame.

Barrric-aid - Metal

To be mounted on metal door and metal frame


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