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Empower Your Child with “Bernie Major’s Streetwise Kid” Book!

Discover the ultimate guide to children’s safety. Authored by an ex-military and law-enforcement professional, this invaluable resource equips parents, teachers, and guardians with the necessary tools to educate children about personal safety.

From understanding the concept of strangers to recognizing inappropriate behavior, this comprehensive book covers crucial topics in a fun and engaging way. With colorful illustrations, interactive activities, and practical advice, “Bernie Major’s Streetwise Kid” empowers children to navigate potential risks confidently.

Don’t wait! Give your child the gift of safety today. Order your copy of “Bernie Major’s Streetwise Kid” and help them develop essential skills to protect themselves. Together, let’s create a safer world for our children.

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“Bernie Major’s Streetwise Kid” is an invaluable 100 page eBook designed as a comprehensive guide for parents, teachers, and guardians to ensure the safety of children. This book covers a wide range of crucial subjects, providing practical knowledge and guidance to help children understand and navigate potential risks they may encounter. With playful and colorful illustrations it is both entertaining and informative.

The eBook begins by explaining the concept of strangers, clarifying that not all strangers are necessarily bad people. It emphasizes the importance of discerning between safe and unsafe strangers and teaches children how to identify potential dangers. Furthermore, it educates children about maintaining a safe distance from strangers to minimize risks.

The book goes on to address specific situations that children may encounter, such as the topic of taking rides from strangers and accepting things from them. It provides clear guidelines and teaches children how to make informed decisions and stay safe in such circumstances.

One crucial aspect covered in the eBook is the concept of passwords. Children learn the importance of using passwords as a safety measure and how they can help protect them from potential harm. This knowledge empowers children to assert their boundaries and protect themselves.

Another significant topic addressed is the distinction between good touching and bad touching. Children are taught how to recognize inappropriate behavior and how to respond if they find themselves in uncomfortable situations. By providing this understanding, the book equips children with the tools to safeguard their well-being.

Additionally, “Bernie Major’s Streetwise Kid” offers practical advice on what actions to take if a child feels threatened or unsafe. It provides step-by-step instructions and strategies to empower children to protect themselves effectively.

To reinforce the lessons and ensure comprehension, the eBook includes various engaging elements. Quizzes, exercises, puzzles, and games are incorporated throughout the book to make learning interactive and enjoyable. These activities serve as valuable tools for reinforcing the knowledge and skills taught in the book.

It’s worth noting that the book is authored by an ex-military, law-enforcement, certified protection specialist who possesses expertise

in self-defense. This background adds credibility to the content and ensures that the information provided is reliable and practical.
The book comes with an emergency identification kit for the child to quickly note details he or she observed if they witness an event they need to tell a responsible adult.

“You’ll be suprised at the details included. Adults might pick up a thing or two!”

“Bernie Major’s Streetwise Kid” is an exceptional resource that empowers parents, teachers, and guardians with the necessary tools to educate children about personal safety. By instilling knowledge, teaching essential skills, and providing interactive activities, this eBook equips children with the confidence and awareness they need to navigate the world safely.

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