What Is Fight Or Flight?

What is fight or flight response?

The fight-or-flight response is our body’s automatic reaction when we feel scared or threatened. It prepares us to either fight the danger or run away from it. 
When we sense danger, our body releases special hormones that make our heart-beat faster, breathing become quicker, and our senses become sharper. This helps us to be ready for action and stay safe.
If you really don’t know….think about the last time you had to react to something darting in front of your car while you are driving. 
Did you take evasive action and try to maintain control like apply the brakes and counter-steer because you already had a defensive plan?
or did you stomp the brakes, let go of the wheel and scream?
You can train yourself to fight but it takes time and practice with plenty of failing experiences along the way. So the most important piece of advice in this post is to expand your situational awareness in any situation.
Here Are A Couple Of Examples To Expand Your Situational Awareness
1. While driving, you notice a vehicle pulling up to a stop sign as you approach.
Watch the front wheel instead of the whole vehicle. The wheel turning will give you immediate indication that the vehicle is moving vs seeing the whole vehicle move.
2. Another example: When turning a corner in a hallway. take a wide turn instead of hugging the inside of the corner wall. You will see further around the corner and avoid bumping into someone. Now think about the tactical applications. You may see around the corner before you are detected from someone coming the other way. Try it.

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