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How To Use Your Armor Seminar



Self Defense Seminars For The Christian Woman

You Are Already Equipped

Join us as we:
  • Learn easy-to-learn yet effective self-defense moves that you can utilize when needed.


  • Develop situational awareness


  • Build confidence and self-empowerment with unwavering faith and determination.


  • Connect with fellow Christian women: 
How To Use Your Armor is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It’s a chance to tap into your inner strength, connect with your faith and build a network of supportive friends.


Since we will be dealing with some adult subject matter we suggest 16 and up.

No you don’t. Although it is recommended for you to maintain a fitness level. You may have to defend yourself one day regardless. The seminar is mostly lecture in nature but we will be mildy active. Just wear comfortable clothes.

Of course you can. It is a wonderful opportunity for people from the community to experience some wholesome time in the presence of Christ filled believers.

Lol! I’ve had alot of husbands upset at me over the years. Most husbands are supportive and will help you practice what you’ve learned. But self-control is important. You don’t want to have to put the trash out because he’s injured.

Your Instructor

J Bernard Major CPS is a certified Protection Specialist and a Master Martial Artist. He has military amd law enforcement experience and has been in the protection business most of his adult life. Mr. Major believes he is using his God given gifts as a protector are instruments for a greater good. Teamed up with his bride Thelma as his assistant make a life changing experience you will enjoy.

Assistant Trainer Ms. Thelma
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