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You will be directed to  the checkout page. You can chose to pay at the door in cash or check if you like.


What ages can participate?

Since we deal with adult situations I suggest  16 and up.

Do I have to be in shape for the class?

The short answer: No. the class won’t be physically demanding, however we will address physical abilities and disabilities in the class and your level of preparedness.

How complicated are the moves? As I am not very co-ordinated.

This class is not about hype, fancy techniques that take years to perfect, nor will we teach you disarming techniques that will get you killed.

Can I practice on my husband?

Haha, a supportive husband will let you but you must use self control and not hurt him……too much. : )


“I highly recommend this program!” – Sheryl
“I loved your Women’s Self Defense Class!!” – Melva
” I highly recommend taking this class.” – Melanie
 “Thank you so much for the class” – Yolanda
” I am certainly more aware now, thank you. ” – Diane
“People don’t appear out of nowhere anmore haha” – Gwen
“When is your next one?” – Brittany
“My husband is afraid of me now : )” – Sarah 
” It’s good to assess your capabilities. It gives me an idea of what I can do” – Ruth
Bernie and fiance/assistant Thelma
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